Things we’ll miss (part 1)

I don’t want to dwell on this and I don’t want to complain but there are certain things (not just people) that we’re going to miss. 

Some things are anticipated, expected. Seasons for example… we’ll miss the changing leaves, the falling snow, the cool spring evenings. Some things we may not miss till we realize they’re gone. One thing I will miss is cutting the grass. In fact, grass in general, as a whole, will be missed (grass in the Philippines is not the same). The odd thing is that I don’t really relish cutting grass now. I have allergic reactions to the flying grass and cut weeds. I weez and cough my way through weed-whacking. So why miss it? I guess it’s just one of those summer traditions like going swimming and grilling. Life just seems right when these little rituals have been done. Saturday doesn’t seem complete ’till I’ve mown the lawn, washed the car and downed a Budweiser. I’m sure I’ll find other ways to occupy my time on Saturdays but I’ll look forward to someday smelling like gas, cursing a mower that won’t start and carving some lines through the green turf. 

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