Knox, take this down…

Here’s a sweet shot of Knox and me in a part of O’hare that most people don’t get/have to see. The back-office of the Korean Air ticket counter. Turns out you can’t fly one-way to the Philippines without a visa… Who knew? We know now. Just made it to our flight after purchasing return tickets. Now 14 hours later we’ve made it to Seoul despite a puking 1-year-old, the lack of a visa and reservations for the wrong seats (we asked to be placed in a row with a bassinet… We were not). Worst trip ever? Not even close. We’re alive and we made it. Thank God. 

  Zion looking a little nervous about a 14 hour flight.  

One thought on “Knox, take this down…

  1. Just saw this post. All I can say is O my, O my. World travelers at their best. Praying by now you are there safe and sound and can recover from this adventure. On to the Next!! Love, Auntie

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