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A Busy Week

This past week we went on vacation in Michigan with friends and family, celebrated our 10-year anniversary and Daniel’s 8th birthday on Thursday, then moved to the other side of the world on Saturday. This week has been very full. For that matter, these past ten years have been very full. Happy Anniversary, Ben!
 Version 2
We’ve been vacationing with friends at the beach in Michigan for seven years now. The first year we went, Daniel was one and I was pregnant with Zion. This year, among the six families who come, there were 29 kiddos, and the arrival of the 30th is imminent (Amanda’s due date is June 3). Two more are expected later this year.
We’re so thankful for this annual tradition, and for the friendships that have been forged, strengthened, and deepened as a result. We’re also thankful for the babysitters who come along and make it all possible.
The beach weather was beautiful but the water was frigid. The kids didn’t swim much, but when they did their lips were blue for several hours.
On Thursday afternoon some of us grown-ups decided to take the plunge. Ben C, Dave, Hannah, Ben and I stood out in the water for quite a while shivering, laughing, and daring each other to go under. The water was in the mid-50s, which doesn’t sound very cold. I googled “why does 50 degree water feel so cold?” Turns out water in the 50-60F range is considered “Very Dangerous/Immediately Life-Threatening” and “cold shock is as extreme between 50-60F as it is at 35F” (National Center for Cold Water Safety). Who knew?

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