Seoul Layover

After a flight from Chicago that involved three puking episodes, three leaky diapers and multiple outfit changes, both Knox and Clementine have gone to sleep during our layover in Seoul.

Clementine asleep in Seoul

On the flight, Knox split his time between puking on Ben, dancing tirelessly in the bulkhead area, and trying to pull the emergency exit lever on the airplane door.

Kidding. Kinda.

Our last night in the States Ben and I stayed up until 2am laughing and singing ’90s songs karaoke-style with friends. I told Ben as we went to bed that I hoped we wouldn’t regret it in the morning. He responded, “We might regret it in the morning, but we won’t in a week.” 30 hours and 4 lattes later, I’m happy to say he was right.  
Cebu, here we come!

4 thoughts on “Seoul Layover

  1. I always thought using a pea pod in an airport would be a good idea. I have yet to try it out, but I’m glad it helped Knox! We are missing you.

  2. Your description of Knox sounds pretty much exactly like what Hudson would do in that situation. Minus the puking part (I hope).

  3. D/B/C had another great time at Bole’s Pond. Good turnout, and great fellowship.David Talcot and Carver were there for the camp out. This one was special and maybe the last one with the new Church program. We could do it again next year as a Father and Son Camping event, Regards to all,Joe Rice.

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