R&R, Sorta

We’ve spent these first few days in Cebu at the Marriott, trying to catch up on sleep and adjust to local time. We’re truly on the other side of the world, so the time zone is 12 hours different from home. That makes it easy to remember–if it’s 1am here, it’s 1pm there. And vice versa. It also means we are experiencing what is possibly the worst form of jet-lag. Our nights and days are perfectly reversed. All four kids have been waking up around 2am. Daniel and Zion took their placement exams for school at 9am Wednesday morning. But Tuesday night, they were awake from 1am to 2am, singing and playing in their beds. We haven’t allowed the lights to be turned on. We’re trying to get our sleep/wake time straightened out as quickly as possible. Knox tosses and turns in his pea pod, and whimpers from time to time. Clementine lies on her back and kicks me cheerfully in the dark.

I asked Knox what jet lag feels like. He said, and I quote,

The Marriott hotel is right next to a large shopping mall that has lots of restaurants, so we’ve had plenty of choices for meals. The hotel  has a buffet, a pool, and  an entire staff completely enamored of Knox (jet lag notwithstanding).

Also, ROOM SERVICE. Need I say more?

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