Morning Walks

Each weekday after Ben and the boys leave for work and school around 7:30am, I put Knox into the stroller and Clementine into a carrier and we go out for a walk. Our neighborhood road is in the shape of a digital 8. You can see it below on Google Earth. Anyhow, we go around the larger loop 2 or 3 times and then head home for morning naps.

As we walk, the neighborhood is bustling with activity. There are others leaving for work and school. There are a couple of condos down the street that are being prepared for new renters, so there are painters and other workers in and out. Those would be common sights in our neighborhood back home. But here are some things I see here that I wouldn’t see back home:

-A maid cleaning the exterior of a Honda civic with a feather duster.

-A maid using a hairdryer on a beagle after its morning bath.

-The gardeners sweeping up any leaves, sticks or petals that have fallen on the road the night before.

-Our neighbor Simon loading up the back of his pick-up truck with oxygen tanks and weights for scuba-diving.

-5 or 10 different drivers out washing their employers’ cars.

-The morning sun shining on the “mountain” (the peak that forms the center of our island, Cebu).

-Orchid plants dangling from their host trees, some as large as three feet across (but mostly not in bloom just now).

We hear cars starting, and roosters crowing on all sides of our neighborhood.

The air is warm and humid, and the pavement is already hot to the touch, even at this early hour. Often we are smelling sewage or burning trash. But sometimes as we round the corner near the pool, I catch the scent from the clusters of blooms on the Kalachuchi  trees. Back in the States we call them plumeria trees, and in Africa they were called frangipani trees. But regardless of the name they are simply stunning, with a strong perfume that comes from their beautiful blooms.

The rainy season has just begun here, so we are beginning to get some relief from the heat. Last night it dipped into the 70s, perhaps for the first time since we arrived on June 1. We are still trying to adjust to the many changes, and we’ve gone through more than a couple funny adventures since we last posted. Unfortunately they have worn us out so badly we’ve been too tired to write them down. Soon, though. Soon.

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    1. 😀 I loved getting your email… I keep thinking about your description of expat living. So true. Will respond soon.

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