Product Review: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I love buying products straight off the boat from China. Most stuff you get from China in the US has been reviewed, previewed and QAed so that it’s ready for the American consumer. Not so with my latest purchase: the Music brand Mini Bluetooth speaker.

The packaging explains that “most headphones [not sure why it’s talking about headphones—it’s a speaker] can’t handle the baas [sic]… the muaic doesn’t move you. ”

This dewise comes ready to pair but will also randomly disconnect and speak to you… It’s great! Place your orders in the comments below:

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Why make fun of at the English translation? I imagine their English is better than your Chinese.

    Do you know the Chinese word for “headphone”? Can you draw the character for music?

    It’s better to be courteous and respectful than it is to be mocking.

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