Bohol–Day 3

On day 3 in Bohol/Panglao, we spent the morning at the beach near our backpackers again. This post will be mostly photos without a lot of narrative, but I hope you can indulge us showing off our vacation pictures.

The tide was a bit further out this time, which made for better swimming than day 1 when we had visited this beach. We again enjoyed gathering starfish and watching crabs scurry along the sand. I was very happy I had purchased Knox a pair of Saltwater Sandals which he was able to wear in and out of the water.

Clementine finally gave up the fight and took a long nap on the beach.

After a quick lunch at the backpacker, we went to visit a grotto (cave). We decided to walk, and a man from the backpacker led us along the winding path through backyards, gardens and wooded areas, and a short distance along the road. Admission was $1, and we descended into the earth with the benefit of concrete steps and electrical lights.

Once inside, natural light illuminates the small cavern. Visitors can climb around on the slippery rocks or swim in the seemingly bottomless pool. Daniel and Zion swam. Ben and I opted to perch on the slippery rocks holding Knox and Clementine.

After our visit to the grotto, we went to straight to the ferry terminal for our trip home. We had planned to get supper first, but we got nervous about time. When we arrived at the terminal we realized it would probably be a long wait. We had already purchased tickets, but the ferry we had seats on hadn’t even arrived at the dock from its last trip. Ben and I decided the best strategy under the circumstances were for him to leave me with all four kids in the very crowded terminal and find some fast food. He was gone for almost an hour and I nervously watched the clock approach our supposed departure time. Knox was hungry and he ran up and down the aisles, pointing at anyone holding food. One traveler fed him Pringles (at least half a container), another gave him Oreos, a third gave him orange segments, and a fourth gave him Doritos. The highlight of our ferry terminal stay, though, was when I was chasing Knox down an aisle and I heard someone yell, “Knox!” We turned and looked to see the kids we had played with at the beach the day before, waving and gesturing. We hadn’t recognized them at first in the sea of Asian faces, but they sure recognized Knox. Ben returned just a few minutes after our official departure time, but we didn’t miss the ferry. Not by a long shot. When we arrived back at our house, it was strange to be relieved to be “back home in Cebu.”

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