Did you know that Singapore just celebrated its 50th anniversary as a country? The only reason I know is that Daniel and Zion attend Singapore School, where this was a big deal. The school dedicated an entire week to SG50 festivities. The boys learned more about Singapore that week than I’ve learned in a lifetime. Ok, confession: I didn’t even know if Singapore was a country or a city until this summer. Turns out, it’s both. It’s an entire country made up of only one city.

Daniel and Zion came home each day and told us all about the history of Singapore, the wise sayings of Lee Kuan Yew, the SuperTrees and other attractions, and the amazing festivities (like air shows! and fireworks! and games!) taking place for SG50. They told us about foods that are eaten in Singapore. Zion especially enjoyed learning about ice kachang. And Daniel entered an art contest, with each entry displaying a famous quote from Lee Kuan Yew.   

The boys’ school had special events, and I was able to go at the end of one school day for the “Let’s Makan!” event. For this event, the school made different Singaporean specialty dishes and sold them from individual stalls, just like the Hawkers stalls that Singapore is famous for. Most Asian countries have thriving street food cultures. But in a nutshell, Singapore wanted to make sure its street food was safe and cooked in sanitary conditions. So they established Hawker centres, where stalls were set up for licensed vendors to hawk their various foods. This is an oversimplification, but it’s a working explanation for a bunch of kanos (white Americans). We sampled ice kachang: a cup of shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk and various other syrups squirted on top, much like a snow cone, but with frozen corn, black beans and little cubes of gelatin added in as well. It was a colorful treat. It was also disgusting.

Credit: Serious Eats
Credit: Serious Eats

 The week of SG50 led perfectly into our vacation, though: coming up soon, our trip to Singapore!

7 thoughts on “SG50

  1. Michal,

    I’ve been reading all your post, your journey looks amazing,
    scary and an adventure all at the same time!!!!!!! Don’t know
    how you and Ben do it, but I was very very glad you got some

    It was either that or grow another 6 arms and 2 heads!!!!
    Girly you needed that, your an amazing mother and an amazing

    Very proud of you:)


    1. Your message put a big smile on my face, Diane! We’re having a great time, though of course we miss home. You know I’m hoping for a visit from your lovely daughter sometime next year?

      1. Oh I know you are, she considered flying over with you just to get the babies there. She loves them so much, and always tells me stories of
        what they say and do. Mike and I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs:) They remind us of how hard parenting was (and how quickly
        you forget) that you can never take your eyes off of them for a moment! Somehow they can show up missing at the most in opportune
        time! But I don’t have to tell you that.

        Have a great day, thinking of you often,


        PS. My Michael said to me over coffee this morning what a special girl
        you are and what an incredible blessing you have been to all who know you!

        1. I count it a blessing that you all treated me like a part of the family. We had so much fun together, didn’t we? Especially in Minnesota. đŸ˜€

          1. Yes, that was very fun, one of my favorite kid trips.

            In my mind you will always
            be part of our family:)

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