Zion Turned 7!

For Zion’s birthday on September 25, he had an unexpected day off of school. Turns out it is a Muslim holiday. That meant we got to go out to breakfast together at A Café. While we were waiting for his waffle with bruléed bananas, we connected to the café’s wifi network, and we were able to skype with my parents.

Zion is such a delight. We are so thankful to have him in our family. When asked a few months ago what he wanted to do when he grows up, he said he would maybe be a ninja chef. We’re not sure what exactly that would entail (karate-chopping vegetables?), but we know he would be good at it. He knows how to make scrambled eggs all by himself. His favorite classes in school are Mandarin and Tae Kwon Do. Later this month he gets to take a test to advance to a yellow belt. He loves riding bikes, drumming on anything and everything. This year he wants to get better at reading and writing, he says. Zion was sick this week and after two days of absence from school, Daniel came home and said school was boring without him. Zion has a little sister who looks a lot like him. She also adores him. He has a helpful and cheerful spirit, and we are eager to see him grow into a man of God.

Zion made this fancy birthday hat at school.

In the late afternoon we went up to Tops, the mountain look-out above Cebu.  Our friends the Maynards and the Kangs met us up there to hang out, sing happy birthday, and eat brownie sundaes together. The kids ran around, played on the hammock, and tried to do pull-ups (with Ben’s help) on the shelter roof edge.  It was a nice, laid-back sort of party–just the way we like it. We finished the day with a stop at Shakey’s for pizza.

IMG_1168.JPG IMG_1170.JPG IMG_1173.JPG



Knox and Arrianne sitting a little way back from the look-out.
Susan Kang, Clementine and me

Arrianne and Clementine


Magda Maynard and me


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