Hokusai: Inume Pass

A Family Art Project


Since we are renting a furnished house and brought very little with us to the Philippines, we’ve tried to be creative in finding ways to make this house feel like home. Over the past few weeks, we took on a family art project. I had some note cards of Hokusai’s series of prints showing Mount Fuji from 41 different vantage points. His most famous print is the “Great Wave off Kanagawa.” But we chose a different print to reproduce. We divided the print into 8 sections, then each of us chose 2. Daniel got to choose first and eighth, Zion second and seventh, I third and sixth, Ben fourth and fifth. We decided to copy using crayons (we used pen for the lettering, though). Each approximately 4.5 cm by 6 cm piece was copied onto a 8″ by 10″ piece of sketching paper.

We drew grids on the print to help us with the copying. We weren’t sure how well the boys would catch on to the grid concept, but after a short explanation and some numbering, they were both pros. They made basic sketches using pencil, then we erased the pencil grid marks and they did the actual crayon drawing and coloring.

I will admit, there were a few tears shed mid-project, when colors didn’t match up just the way they were intended to. But all in all it was a lot of fun! Maybe next time we’ll take a stab at the Great Wave…


Here is a shot, mid-project:

Here is the finished product, now on our dining room wall: IMG_2804.JPG

And here is the print we were copying:

Hokusai: Inume Pass
Hokusai’s Mt. Fuji from Inume Pass

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