Knox Turns 2

Last year Knox spent his birthday driving to Ohio for a cousin’s wedding. This year he spent it flying from Chicago to Cebu. Adding insult to injury, we were somewhere over Russia when his birthday started, spent a couple hours in Incheon Airport (Korea), and then we were on our flight to Cebu when it ended, shortening his birth date to under 10 hours. Ah well. He didn’t seem to mind.

  Just after his birthday ended, he rode like a king on our luggage in the Cebu-Mactan Airport.

  I managed to take some 2-year pictures of him the day after his birthday, despite our getting only half a night of sleep.

  For dinner, we went out to our favorite Italian restaurant, Giuseppe’s, for pizza.

    Knox got some helping learning to show he is two-years-old.

  Early in the afternoon I had gone to the grocery store to restock the kitchen and to buy a cake mix for Knox. But I couldn’t find icing and I couldn’t remember ever having seen powdered sugar anywhere in Cebu. And I refuse to make birthday cake without icing. Especially for a 2-year-old.

As we were getting ready to leave Giuseppe’s, I wondered when we would sing him “Happy Birthday” if I had no cake. Then a waitress told us they had something special coming to him from the kitchen. Out came the staff with a cake, ice cream and candle, and we all sang “Happy Birthday.”

For once, Knox seemed a little surprised at all the attention.
  I’m willing to bet not too many 2-year-olds get molten chocolate cake for their birthday cake.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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