Mom and Dad’s Visit, Part 3

When we got home from Moalboal, we spent a couple days in Cebu before heading out again the Camotes. In the interim, Mom and I took the kids to Papa Kit’s, a marina north of Cebu. There we went ziplining (Nana’s favorite) and horseback riding (Knox’s favorite).


One thing I’ve learned about Filipinos is that they are real sticklers for rules. Knox was over the moon when we told him he could ride a pony. But when we were almost ready to mount, a manager came out and said they wouldn’t allow Knox to ride with me–only one person per horse. Now, Knox and I together weigh less than 150 pounds. But they were adamant we couldn’t ride together. Then the manager made a concession: Knox could ride, but only by himself. Of course! That makes perfect sense! Safer to put a 2-year-old on a pony by himself than with an adult. 😀 So I said, “Thank you!” Even better, Knox’s pony had pink hair. It was his own personal “My Little Pony.”





Don’t worry, though, Knox didn’t actually do the zip-line with us. We sure had fun, and what a view! And it only cost $4/person. It’s more fun in the Philippines. 😀



By the time you see this post, we’ll be on our way to Europe, stopping for one night in Hong Kong. We appreciate prayers for our travels!

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