The whole fam-damnly

About Us

In 2005 we got married.
In 2007 we had a son named Daniel.
In 2008 we had a son named Zion.
Between 2005 and 2011 we moved six times, mostly in and around Bloomington.
In 2012 we bought a crumbling 100-year-old house in downtown Bloomington, Indiana and moved a seventh time. 2010 and 2011 had been very difficult years and it was time to repair and rebuild our home, both physically and spiritually. We called it our Crumble Abode. We even started a blog for the house renovation, though that fizzled out pretty quickly once we moved in.
We’ve spent the last four years turning that house into a home. As we have repaired the home, God has repaired us. We are so, so thankful.
In January of 2014 we had a son named Knox, and in March of this year we had a daughter named Clementine.
Now we are moving to the Philippines for a year. It is a work-related move, and we are looking forward to the new challenges and joys we expect to come in this year abroad.

Ben is the Director of Marketing for Author Solutions and Michal is a mother and occasionally a freelance writer (when it doesn’t interfere with her real job). Crumble Abroad was started as a way for family, friends, casual acquaintances and online stalkers to follow their exploits as they journey across the globe.

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