How can you have frequently asked questions when your blog just started and no one even knows about it?
These are the “in real life” questions we’ve been asked over and over during the past six months.
Did you sell your house?
No, we are keeping it. We plan to move back into our Crumble Abode when we return to Bloomington in the summer of 2016.
How will the six of you fit back into your tiny 2-bedroom house?
We just will. Period.
Is anyone living there this year?
Yes. Ben’s little sister Jill Elisabeth is renting it with two roommates.
What’s so special about your Crumble Abode house?
It is ours and we love it. That’s what’s so special.
Are you really coming back in the summer of 2016? 
That’s the plan. We signed a one-year contract.
What about Christmas?
We already purchased return tickets for Christmastime. Hooray!
What did you do with your stuff?
We shipped a small crate of our belongings to Cebu in April. It was approximately 3′ x 4′ x 4′. It contained mostly toys, books, some kitchen items, a crib and a Poang chair. We didn’t send any clothes because we needed to wear them. The same goes for the rest of our stuff–anything worth sending was in daily use and couldn’t be sent overseas two months in advance. We are renting a furnished house in Cebu.
We packed all our summer clothes in checked luggage. Also in checked luggage: kitchen knives, medicine cabinet contents, laptop, more toys, and birthday and anniversary gifts (eek). The rest of our stuff we packed into boxes and put in our attic. Most of our furniture and kitchen items we left in our house. We also sold and got rid of a lot.
Yeah, but really… How will you fit back into your old house in Bloomington?
We realize we can’t stay in that house indefinitely. But our future house plans are definitely indefinite.  Depending on what day you ask us, we plan to either 1) expand and remodel our house, 2) buy and renovate a different house, preferably in our same neighborhood, then sell our old house when the new one is finished, 3) buy a move-in-ready house, or 4) build a new house. As I’m writing this, I realize that doesn’t narrow it down at all, but hey, it’s still a year away. We have time to think about it.
Where will you live in Cebu? 
We are renting a fully-furnished house with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and maid quarters. Ben picked it out when he came to Cebu in April. I’ll tell more about it when I see it for myself. It is approximately three times larger than our Bloomington house.


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